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According to statistics, about seventy to eighty percent of our population face the challenges of a septal deviation. This condition occurs as a displacement of the septal wall. It results in an imbalance between the left and right nasal passages. Generally, minor misalignment in the septum does not require treatment. However, if your symptoms become somewhat bothersome, it’s time to get them fixed. But do you want to know how much a deviated septum surgery cost? Let’s find out.


Deviated Nasal Septum Overview

Our nasal structure plays a significant role in the way we breathe. The presence of abnormalities, especially in its inner areas, could lead to respiratory impairment and discomfort. The wall tends to appear off-center or in a crooked position for someone who has a deviated septum. It can be a little more structured at an angle more than usual or, in worse scenarios, in an S-shape.


What Causes Deviated Nasal Septum?

There are various reasons for a deviated nasal septum. In some circumstances, this condition develops during childbirth. However, a deviation may also appear due to an injury, which can happen to anyone at any age. Suppose a deviated septum is present earlier in life. In that case, the condition might progress, and the aging process may affect the nasal structure.


When Should I Repair My Nasal Septum?

If you have a deviated septum, it can be easy to notice as symptoms and indications tend to be specific. A deviation in your septal wall will make you feel increased pressure on your face combined with a heightened sense of nasal obstruction.

On the other hand, a much lesser complicated septal abnormality will not show any symptoms. However, the natural aging of our faces and nasal structure opens the possibility to exacerbate a deviated septum.

Therefore, fixing your nasal septum requires a professional outlook. Even if your nasal septum is not bothersome, it could still cause other symptoms to happen. Moreover, this disorder can lead to recurrent nasal and sinus infections.


What Is Septoplasty?

about septoplasty surgerySeptoplasty is a surgical treatment to fix a deviated septum. This procedure is often known as deviated septum surgery, rhinoplasty surgery, or a nose job. During septoplasty, the septum is straightened, allowing it to improve airflow through the nose. The straightening process involves the removal, repositioning, trimming, or replacement of nasal bone and cartilage.

Overall, the septoplasty process can either be minimal or invasive. Depending on your condition, you should consider the treatment to avoid complications.


How Much Does Septoplasty Cost?

Typically, doctors only offer this surgical treatment when other less invasive therapies for nasal obstructions have been ruled out. According to statistics, a typical septoplasty procedure costs around ten thousand dollars. However, certain factors, such as your insurance plans, might have an impact on the overall cost of your surgery.

Learn more about the average costs of septoplasty and the variables that might affect its overall price. Below, we’ll break down the related aspects affecting surgery costs.


Typical Cost

Reports by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality explain how costs for septoplasty vary. According to their statistics, the price depends on the type of procedure necessary. Each method determines several factors, including contouring, cartilage trimming, and skin grafts. Not to mention the clinic costs and professional fees.

Like a typical nose job, septoplasty surgery requires a competent surgeon since the procedure entails remodeling the nose. While surgeons specialising in septoplasty are not in short supply, they undergo additional training, which permits them to demand a higher professional fee.

The typical price for surgery goes anywhere between six thousand to thirty thousand dollars. This wide range is influenced by the additional costs required for surgery.


Post-Surgery Expenses

After surgery, patients may opt to spend in additional expenditures to make their recovery more pleasant. Devices and accessories which might help improve breathing while you heal come at a variety of prices. These include vaporisers, cold compresses, and humidifiers.

Moreover, some patients request follow-up sessions after their treatment. Depending on the insurance partner and surgery facility, these appointments may incur additional co-pay expenses.



Similar to the regular nose job, surgery to correct a deviated septum also has its risks. Patients may experience infection, bleeding, or a negative response to anesthesia. Additionally, post-operative symptoms might include blood clotting across the nasal passages or a loss of smell. If these problems arise, further treatment may be necessary to correct them. This calls out for an additional cost.


Will Insurance Cover Deviated Septum Surgery Cost?

Health insurance providers usually cover a septoplasty procedure, especially when the surgery is done to treat a medical concern. However, insurance would refuse the claim if septoplasty is suspected for cosmetic purposes. Insurance coverage is not applicable when septoplasty is done in conjunction with other nose job procedures. This includes rhinoplasty surgery. These combinations call out an unnecessary medical treatment unless the patient can prove it as necessary for health reasons. Regardless of insurance coverage, patients may also have out-of-pocket expenses such as professional fees for specialist visits or hospital accommodation.


Are Discounts Available for Septoplasty?

Suppose you’re worried about expenses for a deviated septum surgery. In that case, you may ask your doctor if you are qualified for a discount. Depending on your clinic, exclusive promotions may save you a percentage of the total bill. These offers are usually available for those who pay in cash or for loyal members of the clinic.

If you have doubts about the cost of your procedure, you are free to ask if you are eligible for discounted rates. You can also inquire whether financial assistance is available to offset the costs of the procedure.


Options for Affordable Deviated Septum Surgery Cost

If you think you cannot handle the costs for deviated septum surgery, other options are available.


reducing deviated septum surery costCharitable Clinics

You can check your local clinics if they provide surgical treatments for patients with budget restrictions. These establishments often function as charitable institutions. What’s more, is that these facilities do not charge their patients. Meaning, surgical treatments would not involve upfront payments and sometimes cost-free.


Training Schools

There are also training hospitals for student surgeons. If time is not a problem on your end, you can opt to get your nose job in one of these facilities. Students need hands-on experience in preparation for their professional practice. Universities offer affordable surgical procedures where their students can train with the guidance of their professors. However, patients must understand that the process might not finish as fast as a standard treatment. Each step the student will do requires approval from their preceptor.


Medical Loan

If other options don’t fit your needs, perhaps you can go for a medical loan. This type of loan is viable for various medical procedures, including a nose job and septoplasty. However, most medical loan providers would require you to secure collateral suitable for the amount you are borrowing. It would be best for individuals who have a high credit score, proving that they can pay back the loan provider.


Affordable Deviated Septum Surgery in Brisbane

Are you looking for an affordable alternative to fix your deviated septum? Our surgeons here at Rhinoplasty Brisbane may be able to help you. If you want to improve your nasal passage and eliminate bothersome symptoms associated with septal deviation, we’ve got you covered.

We are proud to offer world-class services specifically tailored to fit your needs. Not only that, but we also understand that financial constraints can hinder you from getting the treatment that you need. Therefore, we are also open to alternative nose job options. More so, we also provide discounts so you can get your surgery at an affordable price.

To get professional advice about your situation, please do not hesitate to contact us at (07) 3186 8739. Feel free to browse through our website for more information.

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