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Asian rhinoplasty is one of the challenging versions of rhinoplasty for surgeons. Furthermore, Asian rhinoplasty aims to improve the nose’s appearance without highly affecting the uniqueness of Asian descent. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to enhance a physical aspect, such as the nose. If it uplifts the person’s self-esteem and self-confidence, let them be. Everyone has the right to make improvements with themselves. As long as it’s for a good cause and can do so, anyone may undergo the procedure.

Back to our primary topic, what makes Asian rhinoplasty challenging to surgeons? We are about to unleash facts about this procedure inside this article. If you plan to undergo this surgery, reading this material beforehand can give you an idea about what Asian rhinoplasty is.


What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is one of the plastic surgery procedures. It involves nose surgery, aiming to improve the appearance and proportion of the patient’s nose. It also includes enhancing facial balance and harmony, resulting in enhanced self-confidence. Additionally, cosmetic nose surgery is a treatment option that can address breathing problems or incurred problems from trauma or birth disorders.

Generally speaking, a nose job can change the following on the patient’s nose. You’ll notice these changes once the nose has healed completely.

  • Overall size
  • Nasal tip
  • Nasal bridge
  • Nostrils

Overall, the patient can see improved facial features just by undergoing rhinoplasty. But then again, it is necessary to ensure that the surgeon chosen to undergo this procedure is a board-certified plastic surgeon. Rhinoplasty procedure requires training and significant experience to ensure excellent results. Aside from that, the safety of patients has to come first.

Many patients became interested in rhinoplasty. Beverly Hills and Los Angeles offer a few of the excellent Asian rhinoplasty using their advanced techniques. But having your rhinoplasty in Brisbane is also a wise choice. They also use technology to facilitate modern rhinoplasty.


Asian Rhinoplasty (Asian Nose Job)

A surgeon attending to her patient for a nose job.Asian rhinoplasty is a variation of rhinoplasty wherein the patients are Asians. Their noses have unique characteristics compared to other races. Plastic surgeons find the Asian noses as follows:

  • Asian noses tend to have a weak bridge.
  • Additionally, the tip of the nose is bulbous.
  • Some noses of Asian people also have wide nostrils and thick skin.
  • Furthermore, the Asian nose tends to become shorter than the others.

Generally speaking, some people with this nasal appearance saw Asian rhinoplasty as the solution to improve. Regardless of wanting to change the features of their nose, they still want to preserve their racial identity.

Asian rhinoplasty surgery may also have its ups and downs. In this case, it would be best to schedule a consultation first with a trusted and experienced surgeon. Given this point, let’s see the things we need to consider whether to pursue Asian rhinoplasty or not.


Pros and Cons of Asian Rhinoplasty

Before we get ourselves into any surgical operation, such as a rhinoplasty procedure, it is necessary to understand the complete package of this method. That includes knowing the pros and cons of the Asian rhinoplasty procedures. Fortunately, this article will help us in that aspect. You may see them below.


  • A happy Asian contented with her rhinoplasty.Both the nose and face will improve. The facial features will be in better harmony.
  • Asian rhinoplasty patients claimed that their self-confidence increased after undergoing the surgical operation.
  • Furthermore, plastic surgery can address aesthetic and functional issues simultaneously. An example of that is breathing more comfortably.


  • The recovery period of rhinoplasty may extend up to a year. That is also the length before you can see the final results of the operation.
  • Additionally, your surgeon needs to place a hard cast on your nose. It can make you feel uncomfortable, making your nose seem clogged.
  • Besides that, visible side effects can occur, such as bruising and swelling. Moreover, these effects can even last for several weeks.
  • It would be best if you also kept in mind that rhinoplasty is an expensive procedure. Aside from that, most health insurance does not cover expenses for this surgery. Not unless your doctor will provide a document stating that it is medically necessary.
  • Lastly, it can also happen that your nose may not heal properly. Furthermore, you may also become unsatisfied with the results, making you need to undergo revision rhinoplasty.

Given these points, we have to consult a medical professional before deciding to undergo rhinoplasty. Asian nose job is not a simple procedure. That is why we have to balance everything. We have to think if we profoundly need to undergo rhinoplasty.


Rib Cartilage

Generally speaking, the anatomy of Asian noses include a thick fibrous fatty layer, making the tip of the nose look bulbous. It is one of the typical reasons most Asians continue to seek augmentation for a higher nose bridge and sharper nasal tip.

Asian rhinoplasty has evolved a lot as time continues to pass by. Starting from a closed technique and the usage of nasal silicone, it became an open rhinoplasty technique. An open rhinoplasty specifically improves the nasal bridge, nasal tip, and nasal base.

Meanwhile, rhinoplasty has been successfully gaining positive results from the usage of autologous cartilages. The use of these cartilages removed the chances of the body’s rejection. A few of the typically harvested cartilages are auricular, septal, and rib cartilage.

For now, let’s discuss rib cartilage in particular. Rib cartilage can provide a larger volume. However, it may leave undesirable scars on the donor site. For this reason, the use of rib cartilage often takes place only for reconstructive cases, such as a nasal deformity.

Overall, selecting the graft to use for the bridge of the nose also depends on your plastic surgeon. Patients should know all of these details beforehand. All information needs to reach the patient’s consent before proceeding.


Rhinoplasty Procedures

Rhinoplasty surgery takes place involving the following step-by-step procedure. Again, make sure that your rhinoplasty surgeon has all the qualifications for a successful surgery. Here is how the journey of nasal improvement will take place.


Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, you will be discussing what you want to happen and what you want to get from your nose job. The surgeon will then explain if the results you desire are achievable. Overall, the desired results should be realistic. At this point, the doctor needs to confirm if you are a good candidate for the procedure. They have to check your medical history, current medications, and other surgical procedures you have been through.

Additionally, it will be necessary for patients younger than the age of 15 to wait for the nasal structure to develop fully. This way, the doctor will see what kind of improvement the nose needs. They may also recommend improving other facial features to compliment the nose. No worries. Everything will be under your consent. Your safety is always the priority above anything else.


During the Surgery

The procedure will take two hours at a minimum. The length will depend on the type of rhinoplasty that you will undergo. Your surgical team will administer medications to maintain your comfort throughout. In this case, you may opt for intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Afterwards, they will start the incisions, either hidden inside the nose (close) or across the columella (open).

Then, they will begin reshaping the nose, either removing bone or cartilage or adding cartilage grafts. If there is a deviation with the nasal septum, they will also make corrections. After reaching the target shape, the doctor will close the incisions. Your surgical team will guide you throughout your recovery stage.


Recovery Phase

After the surgery, they will place soft plastic nasal splints to support your nose. You are most likely to stay inside the recovery room for further observations. If your body is reacting positively towards the operation, you are good to go. But, you cannot drive yourself home because of the anesthesia’s side effects. It would be best to have someone with you during the surgery. Then, your surgeon will provide you with instructions to follow during the healing stage.


Additional Reminders from Brisbane

Generally speaking, they will expect you to refrain from doing the following while healing. Any of these activities may affect the final results of the surgery.

  • A successful rhinoplasty result.First and foremost, put any strenuous activities and exercises on pause while healing.
  • Do not wear eyeglasses in the meantime.
  • Refrain from using clothes that you need to tug over your head.
  • Avoid blowing or picking your nose.
  • Additionally, avoid vigorous brushing and chewing.
  • As much as possible, avoid hard laughing, broad smiling, or deep frowning.
  • Furthermore, do not expose yourself to direct sunlight excessively.

These reminders will help you achieve excellent results while you heal. During this healing period, you would be able to see initial results. But, the final results will most likely appear after 6-12 months. Furthermore, you will also experience numbness, discolouration, swelling, bruising, and pain. If these conditions are too much to bear, it would be best to inform your surgeon right away.


Interested in Rhinoplasty?

As mentioned earlier, if you find your nose bothering with its appearance, it is okay to improve it. Plastic surgery like rhinoplasty might give you a little help on that. But then again, only let an experienced surgeon do it.

For this reason, rhinoplasty in Brisbane is one of the excellent choices to entrust your nose with. You may schedule your consultation with us by reaching out on our website. Aside from that, you can also call us at (07) 3186 8739.

Our lines are open to assist you with your concerns. Rest assured that the team you will be working with has extensive years of training. Furthermore, we will ensure that you will get the most out of the benefits you can gain from the nose surgery you’ll have with Rhinoplasty Brisbane.

So, what are you waiting for? Please allow us to fill in that interest growing in you about rhinoplasty. Grab your phone or reach out to us through our website. Our team will welcome you with open arms. We’ll create a wonderful rhinoplasty experience with you.



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