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Perfecting your nasal profile has been one of the main reasons why rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures in the whole world. There is no doubt that so many actors and actresses who allegedly had their noses done can attest to this. However, very few of them would admit to undergoing any cosmetic surgery procedures and treatments because they want their audiences to think of them as naturally perfect the way they are. But why do they do it? Why is there really a need for a celebrity nose job?


Celebrity nose job: Health reasons

We associate nose jobs or rhinoplasty with aesthetic enhancement of the nose. Improving our facial profile needs our nose to be proportioned to the whole face, so they say. But did you know that celebrity nose job, or any nose job for that matter, can also address some medical problems? Ashley Tisdale, a star best known for her role in the hit musical movie High School Musical,  claims that she suffered from a deviated septum, leading her to have a nose job in 2007. Having a deviated septum can make it difficult to breathe, as she complained that as she grows older, she began to feel breathing through the right side of her nose. This made her decide to undergo rhinoplasty. This procedure can also solve problems with sleep apnoea and other breathing difficulties, so if you have the same complaints, go ahead and discuss the possibility of undergoing rhinoplasty as a solution.



Celebrity nose job: Accidents

We cannot avoid mishaps and accidents from happening. And no one, no matter how hard they try, can ever be prepared for it. Once an accident occurs and your face is affected, one of the most common parts that get damaged is the nose. For this scenario, a nose job is the answer. Diana Agron, the star of the US musical TV show Glee said that she has had two rhinoplasty surgeries done, both due to 2 different accidents. She said that she had her first nose job when she was in high school, but her mother did not know about it because she was scared she’d be grounded. The second celebrity nose job was sometime before doing a concert in 2011.


Celebrity nose job: Boost of self-confidence

Any cosmetic surgery treatment or procedure can have this effect on its user or patient – a boost in their self-esteem. Looking good and feeling good is always hand-in-hand, so if you see yourself as beautiful, then you carry yourself well and interact with other people better. The shape and size of the nose greatly affect a person’s facial profile, so undergoing a celebrity nose job procedure is known to easily improve your overall look. Removing bumps, straightening the nose bridge, narrowing the nostrils, perfecting the nasal tip – these are all the reasons why patients want to have a nose job. That is what Heidi Montag, Kathy Griffin, and Jennifer Grey want for themselves. They tried making their noses look smaller or more proportioned to their faces; however, the results were not astounding as they would hope for. Kathy Griffin even claimed that the celebrity nose job she had did nothing to her nose since she thinks it still looks the same. This goes to show that your cosmetic surgery procedure is not a simple decision. It is a life-changing choice that can make or break your dream facial profile. Make sure to get the services of a trusted plastic surgeon and you are informed of the consequences after the surgery so you would not feel any regret in undergoing what others call a celebrity nose job.

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