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Even with the increasing demand and continuous development of nose jobs, some people are still hesitant to get one. And having a botched nose job is one of the main reasons why. Aside from it could look terribly awful, it may require another plastic surgery procedure. And when you fail to provide immediate intervention, it could lead to a cascade of medical emergencies and scenarios.

On the other hand, some still fancy on the aesthetic attribute of a nose job. Almost every celebrity and influencer are now more open to their nose jobs. After all, who wouldn’t want a plastic surgery when you have the means of improving appearance and beauty? Besides, any woman will grab the opportunity if there is one. But if you are still terrified of the idea of having a botched nose job, there is one thing you could do -prevent it.


What Is A Nose Job?

what is rhinoplasty surgery brisbaneNose job or rhinoplasty surgery is a procedure that aims to improve a nose’s height, shape or restore its function. Also, any other surgeries, a nose job could either be done due to cosmetic or medical reasons. It becomes cosmetic when the procedures are solely to improve appearance. And it becomes medical or plastic surgery when there are health reasons behind it. Some conditions like disfigurement, breathing difficulty, and trauma could also warrant a rhinoplasty. A good nose surgeon should consider your other facial features when deciding for a nose job.


Tips To Prevent A Botched Nose Job

Like any plastic surgery procedure, like breast augmentation or silicone filling, nose job has its own share of risks. Mostly a botched nose job would often root from the lack of careful planning. To avoid a further revision, you should aim for a one-time fix for your nose. Here are tips to help you prevent having a bad result:

Do proper research

The nose is a prominent part of your face. Failure would be difficult to hide. Hence, make sure that you have ideas on the plastic surgery procedures to be performed before getting one.

Choose among the best surgeons

Although the doctors do not always take the credit when a botched nose happens, success often depends on their skills. Opting for certified plastic surgery professionals will minimise the chances of getting the wrong outcome.

Discuss your expectations with the doctor

tips to prevent botched nose jobUsually, the first visit would consist of taking your photos and history. It is also the best time to let your professional know about your wanted results.

Follow instructions for patient after-care

Achieving a complete recovery and successful operation often lies in your discipline as well. Commonly, the staff would leave you with instructions on post-operation management. Following through the guide is essential to prevent complications such as coma and infection.



Like any other plastic surgery, ensuring success makes your money and time well spent. And even when risks are high, there are sure ways that could keep your case away from a botched nose job. The choice of the clinic paves for fruitful plastic surgery, but doing your part during recovery has a significant role too. Hence, with the advent of state-of-the-art machines and right healing approach, it will leave no woman or man crying over a botched nose job.

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